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Victorian Plug Sockets

From the era of opulence


The Victorian period was typified by ornamentation and opulence. At Wandsworth Electrical, our Victorian plug sockets allow you to add electrical accessories that pay homage to an era of elegance and style unlike any other.

Our Victorian Collection features the stepped edge design popular during the period, ideal for those who wish to capture the style.

We offer all our plug sockets with modular options such as USB integration, fused connections and shaving outlets. You can also combine Victorian style with light switches and bespoke media plates to suit almost any required purpose.


The stepped edge design of the Victorian era was popular in all manner of areas – from doorways to architrave, corners and skirting boards. Our Victorian Collection offers a way to pay homage to the style in a tasteful, elegant fashion and features a choice of finishes befitting of the era, such as brass and bronze.


The Victorian era was one of opulence, so it makes sense that we offer styles that match that luxurious aesthetic. From Antique Brass to Antique Bronze, Polished Brass and Dark Antique Bronze, you can replicate the beauty of the period with ease.


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